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Let Your Real Self Out

Merry Christmas Dollie, your (now non-) secret santa brings you something not even remotely related to Christmas! XD I went ahead and combined two things from your wishlist: Terra from Kingdom Hearts and gas masks! Took some liberties with the gas mask; it should've been pulled over his head, but then you really wouldn't have been able to tell who it was. I for one like to pretend it's glued on.

Not much to say, I got pissed off at the poor quality of the image and went ahead and vectored it...both it and the already vectored image of the gas mask *facepalm* There're surprisingly few images of gas masks like this one that you're NOT asked to pay for >.> I really wanted to use this type of fence, but was frustrated because I couldn't remember what it was called (thanks, brain, looking for "metal fence" on Google Images really narrows it down).

I may make a wallpaper version of this too, depending on my time. Expect it to be posted on the 26/27th...if it ever gets made DX Also, TheO gets love for allowing us to upload an image saved at 12 quality c: RED PIXELATION IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE *tableflip*

Gas mask
Fence stock
Font: AR Darling

Over and out!

Edit: I just noticed that I've interrupted my chain of light, happy, bokeh-filled stuff. Lol.

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