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7/15/11: I've edited this challenge, because I thought it was tad bit confusing. Additionally, I would like to state the progress of the comic: 11 pages! I plan on submitting it on my Otakuversary--August 20th. Thank you all so much for your support!

7/24/11: Edited title, changed "project" link to a post with more information, and [hopefully] made the description of what to draw easier to understand.

7/26/11: Edited transparency/BG rule.

8/25/11: The fan comic has been live for 5 days--click here to get a better idea of what to draw.


As some of you may know, I've been working on a project to help [new] members of this wonderful site.

If you are interested in having your artwork featured in this fan comic, you're in the right place!

What do I have to draw, Dev?

Anything goes~!

You can draw a hamster, Ichigo, Luka, or WHATEVER! It's nice to have a variety of characters (Remember that by entering this contest, you give permission for use in this comic). If you need something to spark you imagination, here's some requests that I have:

♥ Fan comic filler page mascot--male (Put the comic in fan comic, make him say something hilarious, like: "Yep, it's a filler page. DEAL WITH IT.)

♥ World filler page mascot--male (Think of a HERO...Hetalia lovers? AMERICA HAS TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!!!)

♥ Quizzes filler page mascot--female (Some confused girl--like Yui from K-ON!)

♥ Anything that will give people the LULZ (Put the "comic" in "fan comic"! :D)

Need some NYAN-inspiration? Check out FAN art and WALL paper! :D

You are free to release your creativity.

What about rules, Dev?

♥ No nudity, or anything of that nature--PG-13 is the limit! (Abide by theOtaku rules)!

♥ Unlimited entries! :D

♥ If your work has a background, please post a version with a transparent, white, or black background in the description (You may either host it on your world, or on a site like Photobucket or tinypic). I may use the original version, for pages where I answer questions~!

♥ If someone happens to create something from the category you wanted to do, feel free to enter yours--every entry is unique, and loved--I can ensure you that it will be used!

What about prizes, Dev?

You're all winners, so I'll give you all kittens. However, I will have to give out a medal, since that's required to "end" a challenge. So, whoever's art rocked my world the most, they shall get one wallpaper request.


There you have it. You have until October 4th to draw your masterpiece(s). SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD!!! INVITE ALL YOUR MINIONS, XD

Confused? Feel free to comment below~! <3



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