Zuzu Uchiha Cosplay Your Character 2

Well its been a while.

So the challenge is Cosplay Your Character 2
If you recall I made a challenge like this before.
I liked the ideas that kept being entered. So heres another chance to Cosplay Your Character
I don't just mean O.Cs this includes making any anime/manga/game character dress up as another Character from any place or AU (alternate universe)

here are some pictures to let you have an idea

Seeing as I don't have much time on my hands like I usually do I'll be giving three months. (then again I always give you three months)

.... Stick with theO rules.
Anyone can enter
I got no problem with having more than one entry in this, enter as many times you like.
Digital, traditional all the drawing styles I will allow.
Make it as awesome as you can.
A description on how you got the idea
And get as creative as you like you can have more than one character. I'll even take marvel/Dc drawings in this contest if you can make any character dress as a marvel/Dc character.

Main rule ... Have fun.

I guess a line art of your choice of anime character or O.C of yours.

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lilaaliyah2 yuko9kost AliceTheMaddest XYukoucyanX MewChero
Crossover Anime and Manga
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Challenge completed
Sanrio fun ~Reenigrl
Naruto x Simon cosplay (Gurran Lagann) ~TAKEO1991
OC Cosplay ~moani1582
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