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Raine the Ralts
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Okay, here is a complete version of Raine with color included! =D This is going to be part of a banner that's going on my wolrd, Gijinka Tails.

And yes, I bet you're thinking, "If she's a Ralts, why does does she have a tail?" The answer is: Because I can! >=D Mwahaha! XD But yeah, in all seriousness, I did it because the pokemon itself has that little trail behind it, and I just adapted that as a tail... so... yeah, Raine's a bit different XD;;

Raine: I'm s-sorry... ;__;

Me: You don't have to be sorry about it, Raine =o.o;=

Aberius: Tails come quite in handy, especially long, fluffy, soft ones likes yours Raine *grins and winks*

Raine: Ab-be-be-berius-kun! O///A///O *blushes and faints*

Aberius: *tosses a large pillow underneath Raine before she hits the floor*

Me: *ahem* Anyway, yes, this is 1/3rd of the banner that'll go up on my world... =^_^;= I have to draw Abs for the other part then arrange them =3

What do y'all think of Raine? =3

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