Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) Taberius the Calico Cat <3

Taberius the Calico Cat <3
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Behold my pet!!! Heehee actually he's my wonderful gay calico boy~ *is stroking him lovingly*

I picked him up off the side of the interstate while I was in standstill traffic on Wednesday! He was too adorable to pass up <3

I did research on calicoes!:

-A calico cat is not a breed of cat, it is a color pattern.
-To be called "calico", three colors must be present: black, white and orange.
-They nearly are always female because coat color in cats is a chromosome-linked trait.
-Female animals have two X chromosomes (XX), males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY). The genetic coding for displaying black or orange color is found on the X chromosome.
-Since females have two X chromosomes, they are able to "display" two colors and white.
-Since males have only one X chromosome, they can only be orange OR black.
-A calico cat can be male in rare instances. In this situation, the cat has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome (XXY). Cats with this are usually sterile (not able to breed). This is similar to a condition in humans called Klinefelter's syndrome, or XXY Syndrome.

THAT would completely explain his gayness! :3 Now all I need is a boyfriend for him~!

Tabs: heh heh.... *wiggles eyebrows* who will be my new lover, eh!? |3

Of course, I got inspiration from Kiro-sama from her gay boys and her furries she drew a while ago. I hope she takes the time to comment and look! :3

He loves to tease Nyarth about his naiveness and he teases Orpheus about his girly pink hair. Nyarth's scared of him. Orpheus isn't too bothered... wonder why?? Time will tell. ;D

You can tell his design by looking at the picture and reading the stuff I wrote, but some extra info:
-he has a gauge in each ear (yeah I spelled it wrong up there), one higher than the other. He hangs chains from them usually. Other than that his ear piercing choices vary day by day.
-He has THREE fingers on each hand and one thumb. I drew it wrong up there. On his feet he has three toes, no thumb. He has thumb pads on his hands.
-His brown shoulders extends to his back and down his tail to the tip and completely covers the tip. The next picture I put up will show a different view of his design.
-He loves wearing jangley loud stuff. I need people to design stuff for for him to wear on his ears, wrists, ankles, and tail!
-his hair is rusty orange. it's slightly darker than his fur orange.
-as you see there, the tanish fades into orange into orangey brown into dark brown.
-He has messy hair, furry shoulders, furry elbows, furry forearms, furry bellybutton, furry chest, furry hips, furry knees, furry calves, a huge irrational furry tail, and huge furry ears.
-his eyelashes are girly, big, and dark. his nose is orange and his tongue is brown.
-he has claws on his toes. but not his fingers.
-see his hair? I love it. <3

I hope you love him as much as I do!! <3333

Flat coloring because it is a PAIN to color him. And I am lazy. Deal. :1

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