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*Notice: You have been pretrified

If you saw this you fell into my trap.
What was your last thought when you were petrified?
How did you face look?

It be great if I could get a comment for each person that saw the picture.Just a small *Petrified will do .It's a picture I really liked drawing.The reason was Bic wrote me a comment about my chars beeing just cute and I was like "No way they look cute".

So , are my chars still cute Bic?

About beeing petrified

Depends on Bic to draw a certain hero to fight medusa.It be fun to extend it to an art trade ^_^.Wonder what style do you use for Greek armor Bic.


About the picture

It was hard to find my own snake style.I think it's a very vivid char and it really came out better than expected.The snakes were harder than I thought,had to remake the face like 4-5 times and reshape nose and mouth.The neck holds a visual trick to make the face bend a bit to the left even thou it's not bended at all.The eyes are centered over the viewer to give a surprise petrifing look.Really liked the result,any comment will mean my visit to your page as usual and a nice reply ^_^.
Thanks so much and hope to have many comments in this one.

Didn't the picture knoked you all cold?

Happy late Halloween!

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15385bic, Halloween, medusa, pretrified
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