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I have been waiting for Zebra's album to come all week and finally it came!!! XD anyways the album inspired this drawing of my new OC named Andres and his dog named Ponch.
I think that if Andres would sing, he'd sing like Zebra! I really like his voice! XD

anyways here is a little info on Andres:

I drew a new OC I'm going to be using for a doujinshi I'm working on based on a Vocaloid song with my own twist. It's going to be somewhat personal. I'm in the middle of writing the script, not really sure when the actual drawing will take place though since I'm so busy with a lot of stuff which is good since I've had a very bad creative block for a very long time till recently!!!! XD

Anyways here is my new OC who is going to be one of my leads in my Doujinshi, his name is Andres which sounds like Undress, which might end as a gag in the doujinshi.
So far for his character I have him as:

A 19 year old high school drop out who is living on his own and he has it tough. He wanted to become a singer but due to an incident involving his Father who was an alcoholic, his vocal chords were damaged, so he can't raise his voice or it's cause him trouble.
He's also a runaway, he has not seen his mother in about 3 years, though he doesn't admit it to anyone he misses her, and does call her, but when she picks up, he hangs up.
He has one light blue eye and a brown eye, he also has a heart shape birth mark under his left eye.
He works part time jobs in the day time and full time as a waiter at night time.
He lives alone in a cramped apartment in a horrible area with his pet dog Ponch.
He does some street performances to earn extra money for his pet dog, things like food,vet,toys,treats,etc...
He's pretty quiet and most of the time mistaken for a cold person, when he's not.

when that's all for now, his character has more stuff but i'm still working in it! XD

by the way this was all done by hand, I used Crayola markers and copics.

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Andres, interception, Ponch, puppy, toyotami, Zebra
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