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SA-Housekeeping Assignment
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A submission of Valentine event on [email protected]


Dear Ms Monique Leontine,

I adore your high standards above everything else.
As a plain newbie and student, there's nothing more I adore than you.
I tried to make such poetic and romantic stories about your eyes, beautiful hair , or other such thing, but I can't.
I fell in love with you not for your features, but for being a strong woman you are.
It may sounded so weak, coming from me like that.
The truth is, this is my first attempt on love letters...

My heart is pounding like those romance novels I read.
When I laid eyes on you, I felt like I'm looking.... at a saint.
I wanted forgiveness and..
I thought I'll be purified.

I can't be your shining white knight in a white steed.
And I can't afford a horse or anything more.
I may not be brave enough yet to show it directly to you from where you are,

All I can do is serve.

I've been serving for I have remembered.

And If you allow me,

Someday I would like to serve you for the rest of your life.

From your student you may not know at all,

Albeit Leshvant Arachnoidea.

P.S. I hope you will keep the doll. At least, I struggled to get and fix this for you.I don't need replies, I just wanted you to know my feelings towards you.


Able.. you write such a truthful love letter...

I will color this later~

Just so you know, Able has been researching for a suitable gift for a week! :P

Cooking ? Bad :P
Chocolate ? Look at Cooking :P
Cards ? Not sure :P
Books ? Too Classy !

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
able, bunny, confession, doll, glasses, happy, lineart, megane, sile, valentine
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