Kitty K.O. (Fan Art Portfolio) What Did I Do...? XD;

What Did I Do...? XD;
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Oh gosh... XD; Lol, it's not what it looks like! Lol, no no... Okay so I decided I should actually draw my ponysona by itself. She's covering up because... well, she's a blank flank...

I can't decide what to name my ponysona =( I wanted something art-related and something that might sound close to my name... Was thinking I should just stick with "MangaKeri" since it's my username for many things and adheres to the standard two part pony name. But not sure that's good? Also, what to make as my cutie mark? I had an idea, but not sure I should... So I left myself a blank flank =o//3/o=

I imagine any pony that reaches my age and still doesn't have a cutie mark would be feeling pretty lost in Equestria =( Think I could join the Cutie Mark Crusaders? =eve= *is hit*

Anywho, enjoy random thingy X3

My Little Pony Fan Art
bashful, blank flank, Kitty K.O., My Little Pony, ponysona, shy
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