toyotami kun (Fan Art Portfolio) Cat's Night Stroll.

Cat's Night Stroll.
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I'm so happy I got this drawing done!!! I'm also quite pleased with how it turned out too. I wasn't really planning on going full out on this since it was a doodle, but I decided to go ahead and experiment and push myself.
It was also a pain to work on since Sai kept crashing on me and I lost 2 hours of work since I forgot to save, but I like the redo better. T u T

anyways this is an OC I made a while back, his name is Collin and he's part of the comic project I was working on that involved Liana and Tobi.

About Collin:

Gender: male
Species: Normal Black Cat.

He's Tobi's roommate and fellow Co-worker. They get along like cats and dogs, but Collin kind of views Tobi like a big brother, and vice versa. He can be kind of a smart mouth which leads him into trouble, he's also to curious for his own good. curiosity killed the cat lol oTL
After being ambushed and beat up by a gang, he became a little bit of a scaredy cat and has a hard time making his deliveries.
He also admires Liana and has unrequited feelings for Lydia, Liana's best friend.

Well that is all. XD Finishing this drawing makes me want to finish my other "Furry Boys" so I'll see if I do that.

Also I'm hosting a challenge! Feel free to check it out It's a traditional challenge and I hope you guys can enter! > u <
~Hoping to see more full colored drawings for it too!

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