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Merry Christmas!!! This manga is for all my Otaku friends, both old and new!!
I don't believe I'll be able to make separate gifties for each of you this season since I'm so busy Q_Q but I hope you enjoy this one-shot manga of mine instead!

Thankyou everyone for encouraging and supporting me since I joined theO! I've finally built up enough experience and confidence to start my own manga :)

* I currently don't have any pages to add but I have the whole story planned out, so please be patient and take care of me!
** Important: Please forget my previous ideas related to my shoujo one-shot. I changed up some of my old ideas so that I would be able to make this story work properly without being too long. Sorry!
I hope this manga doesn't disappoint! ^^'


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Ai Roketto, Comedy, digital, J Kingston, Love Locket, manga, MangaKid, one-shot, Romance, SAI, shoujo, Slice of Life, traditional
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