Sarasface Done by hand

So I got this idea because I draw all my works by hand. It's hard, especially since I don't have great technology. So basically, here are my requirements. Your submission must be hand-drawn and hand-colored. You can trace someone else's work if you want to. Or you can make it original. And you CAN digitally edit it when you're done. You can add in anything from the computer as long as the main image is done by hand.

As always, keep it appropriate or censored.
Dedicate to anyone.
That's pretty much it.

I'm giving you guys a couple months to do this. Should be enough time, right? I can't wait to see what you come up with.

As always, winners get gifts. Good luck!

EDIT: I realize there may have been some confusion over this. When I said "trace over someone else's work" this is what I meant. A lot of people use others' work on theO and it's fine as long as they source it. That's what I would want you to do if you used anyone else's work as a basis for your own, which I expect some people might do because it's difficult to do wallpapers freehand.

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