KyraChan Connections

There are many anime characters out there that we can relate to, that we feel for. However, there are few that we feel are so close to us that they could almost be us. The point of this challenge is to find an anime character you feel a strong personal connection with because of similarities in personalities or experiences.


  • Link all of your sources
  • Only anime characters are permitted
  • You may put multiple characters in a wallpaper, but you can relate yourself to only one.
  • The character you're relating to must be in the wallpaper
  • Tell me how you and the character are similar
  • Keep it PG-13!
  • Only one submission per person (choose your character wisely!)

Brownie Points:

  • Choose a relationship between the character and another character, and relate that to a relationship within your own life.
  • Choose a quote from the character and relate it to yourself.
  • Dedicate it to someone other than me.

An example can be found here.


  • First Place: 2 Wallpapers, 1 iWallie, 1 Review Request
  • Second Place: 1 Wallpaper, 1 iWallie, 1 eCard
  • Third Place: 1 iWallie, 1 eCard
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