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Garden Party -Original Art-
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I want to put this in fan art section, but I can't submit 1600x1200 in fanart ;_; too lazy to resize~ Hahah.

As copied from MT :

*cakeees* <3

Stats :
Sketch of the chibi (and few other chibis I'll probably start working on very soon) :
I don't include the sketch of the BG looks like a kid's drawing ._.
Time : approx 2 days. 1 for the chibi and 1 for the whole BG.
Tools : pencil + paper for sketch, Photoshop CS2 + tablet <3333 (first time I used my tablet since my dad bought it for me months ago)
Favorite Parts : TEH CAKES xD they somehow look realistic *drools*. And the chibi.
Unsatisfying Part : Rainbow

Hi everyone :)

Been sometime since I last submitted my works..xDD I need practice to improve, so I made this chibi wall :3 I tried a different way to color by using only brush and smudge tools... I was aiming for a painty look ^^ this is the first time I paint, and I hope that I don't do any fatal mistake xD

Special Credit : the Cupcakes.
For those of you who have facebook account, you may know a game called "Pet Society". There's a kind of tree in that game that actually grows cupcakes <3333 that's where the inspiration came from. I vectored Pet Society's cupcakes and put it in my tree :P
Another Credit : food vectored/painted from various scans @ MT. I typed "Cake" as the keyword and used some of the scans I found.

Guess I'll stop babble now :3
Enjoy, and don't forget to leave comments/hugs/favs ^^ Lemme know what you think about this way of coloring~

Oh, and this is also a belated birthday gift for Sherr ^^ it's really late, sowey ;_;

*So much vectors to be finished.... They'll have to wait since I want to start working on a Halloween project xD*

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