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I was inspired by the song Gekokujou by the Kagamine Twins to make this wallpaper. The song itself is really cute. They basically talk how much better they are than Miku and how they're going to surpass her one day. There's also a spin off song which is named after one of the lines in Gekokujou. It's called Ok,Green is the Enemy which is sung by Akita Neru and Kagamine Rin. In a way it kind of continues Gekokujou because they talk about how one day they'll surpass Miku and also how much they don't like you. Just because I made this wallpaper, I don't want you to get the idea that I hate Hatsune Miku. In fact I'm a huge fan of her, I just wanted to make this wallpaper for fun. I'm also a huge fan of the Kagamine twins as well, they're just so cute.
Now to say something about the wallpaper itself. I actually had a bit of help with the rendering. My good friend Razing Phoenix was kind enough to help me. So I would like to credit him/her for the render. Thanks so much for helping me friend. It turned out really great. I did the background and I overlayed the textures and I decided to include a stock photo to add to it. I found a picture of a no sign and overlayed it on a picture of Hachune Miku which is a deformed Miku chibi. It's actually really cute. But just for the wallpaper, I put a no sign over it and added the text, "Ok, Green is the Enemy!" because this wallpaper is all about the Kagamine Twins's revolution which is what Gekokujou means in English. Again I'm no a Miku hater, I'm quite the opposite actually. I'm actually a huge fan of Miku but I'll also like the Kagamine Twins as well. This wallpaper was made just for fun. Dedicated to Razing Phoenix for helping me with the render. You did a good job on it, and it turned out great! Hope everyone else likes it too.
EDIT: Here are the links to the songs I mentioned above.
Gekokujou by Kagamine Len and Rin(English Subs included)
Ok,Green is the Enemy! performed by Kagamine Rin and Akita Neru(I posted the links to two videos, instead of one)
Video One (Just pictures and English subs)
Video Two (A masterful PV made by MajentaCrayonz)

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