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Sailing towards the Moon
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Yayz a new wallpaper from me~! :D Is it good? Well I like it. XD I took quite some time to think what to make, especially since I was doing the wallpaper for my dear friend, so after some time.. I decided to go with this. ^_^

What I did here.. Well I made background there using three different gradients, but later saw that it isn't enough so I changed some colors and added two textures (no, one of them is not bokeh even if it looks so XP) and also added some brushes. Later I put renders (#1 and #2) there and it took my some time to think for the other one there but I decided to try that effect, where I put main focus on the front character, while keeping those two in distance but still close like that sidewalk that they are on. I added that, some other effects to make it look more nicer on the renders, after that some more brushes and that's that. :)
Note that I highly recommend the "widescreen" version, because I was making the wallpaper in that one and the image got more squished once I changed it. >_<

This wallpaper goes to my dear friend Brooke (Hulaberry32)~! Recently, well actually a week ago she made a very dear gift to me and this is just a small token of my big gratitude (there will be more later of course). :)
Thank you so so so much for being a very good friend to me through all this year, for always being nice and sweet, helpful, kind, cheerful friend and person that you are.
Thank you...

Sailor Moon Wallpapers
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