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The Warrior Inside
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This whole wallpaper was an experiment for me. Basically, I was looking for a certain type of wallpaper and then got inspired to make one. As soon as I saw this scan of Kanda, I knew I wanted to use it. But I really wasn't certain how to go about making the wallpaper that I wanted.

Really there was a lot of things for this wallpaper that were nothing more than trial and error. And a lot of 'I didn't now I could do that'. Honestly I cannot believe it has taken me this long to discover some of this stuff on my Photoshop. Kind of embarrassing, actually.

I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 - like I always do. Now, the new things I did: I've never feathered an image before. Until this wallpaper, I didn't even know how. It was difficult getting used to the fact that most everything had to be placed above the main image. Monochrome: black and blue and red. I've never used the monochrome tool before and for this wallpaper I used it for three different colors. The main image was made black and white and I added a layer of blue over the 'X' brushes at the top, plus I made the blood spatter and blood on the sword a darker red. Also, I used the reverse black and white tool to give color back to Kanda's hair as well as his necklace. I also painted in his eyes a dark blue. (I wasn't certain what color his eyes were. Mostly I thought and heard that they were 'dark' - though his hair color is hardly completely accurate.) Lets see, what else… I had never blurred the text before - although it was something I have been wanting to try. I think that's it. Originally, I wasn't going to enter this challenge, but I had already made the wallpaper that was pretty much entirely an experiment - so I thought 'why not?'.

As far as did I like the new things I tried: the answer is a resounding 'yes'! I'm not sure how much I'll use them in the future, but I know the feathering will come in handy and I love the look of the blurred letters.

Anyway, I didn't want to overload with the brushes - which is why we have lyrics on there. I think the song fits Kanda well - seems to match his attitude.

I would like to add that I would love to hear your comments on how this worked. The fact is, if you don't let me know; I don't know what should be done different next time. Of course, I do value all comments, but after trying it, I might not use it. That don't mean the suggestion wasn't appreciated so please, comment. (Not to sound desperate, or anything…) Whew, certainly the longest caption I've ever written for a wallpaper.

Special Effects 2 Brushes
Spatter Brushes
Grunge Swirl Brushes
Glossy Blood Brushes
Fonts: 'Evanescent' & 'Delicious Cake' & 'Engravers MT'
Lyrics: Warrior by Disturbed

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