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I had tried to submit this wallpaper yesterday but couldn't get it to upload for some reason. Well I'm uploading it today. I worked hard on it and I want to share it with everyone.rnI used yet another rare Judai scan to create this wallpaper. I had found the scan awhile back while looking for images of Judai. I never can quite find good images to use in wallpapers. Every once in awhile I do. This scan is an example of that. I loved this scan so much. I have just been waiting until I could find the right images to go with it. I finally have yesterday and made it into the wallpaper you see now. rnThe wallpaper was challenging to create. I wanted everything to look just right in this wallpaper. Hopefully I succeeded. The hardest thing here was extracting Judai. This is why I haven't made a wallpaper with this scan until now. I wanted to make sure my skills were up to the task of this challenge. They were yesterday. I tried out some new blending modes and used a city wallpaper as a texture while enhancing the foundation background. A few other textures were used as well for dramatic effect. The scan itself is dramatic,thus needing the right background to go with it. I used lyrics from a Reba McEntire song that means a lot to me. I've used these lyrics in one other wallpaper previous to this one. I think this one turned out better. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.
Member Dedication-Hana Ishida: I couldn't help but think of you as I made this wallpaper. I know you've been through a lot of challenges in your life as I have and I wanted to dedicate this wallpaper to you. I loves you dear friend.

EDIT:Links are all linked except for the background. Can't find the link.

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