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Favourite anime/manga:
Dragon Ball/Z/GT; Kinnikuman; Shugo Chara!; Honey and Clover; Cyborg 009... etc...
Favourite bands:
Field of View; WANDS; Home Made Kazoku; ARASHI
Favourite authors:
Stephen Donaldson; Kazuo Ishiguro; Kaoru Hayamine

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It's my turn to speak

I've been in a relationship with TimeChaser for almos four years now. I love him just as much as he loves me. We kept it private cuz it's our business and has nothing to do with anyone else.

But someone decided to get involved. That's why TimeChaser and I had to be public about our relationship.

If anyone thinks it was wrong for us to handle our relationship the way we saw fit, then you say it to me. TimeChaser has suffered enough.

Baka TimeChaser's Meme

1) If you could self-insert into any anime, which would it be?
Doraemon (but in the future).

2) Books, TV, or Movies: which do you prefer?

3) If you were stranded on an island with a CD player and an endless supply of batteries, which five albums would you want to have with you?
I'd rather have my mp3 player. =/ But... Field of View I & Lovely Jubbly (Field of View), Piece of My Soul (Wands), All the Best! (Arashi), Heartful Best Songs (Home Made Kazoku).

4) Do you enjoy black & white films? What's your favorite?
"Moonlight Serenade"... It's not actually a black & white film, but the school's tv was old so we watched it in black and white.

5) What's your favorite Beatles song?
Whichever one you make me listen to.

6) If you could attempt any extreme sport, which would it be?

7) What was the worst book you ever read? What did you hate about it?
You mean other than the "Twilight" series, right? Then it's "Death of a Salaryman" by Fiona Campbell. The universe kept sorting itself out to benefit the main character. The author only spent four months in Japan and decided she knows enough to write a book... She didn't. The story lacks understanding, wit, comedy, culture, reality. It has boredom, author intervension, dribble. It's shit.

8) If you could have breakfast every day, what would be your ideal meal?
Pancakes, baked beans and decaf green tea.

9) Could you survive the rest of your life without computers and the internet?
You're kidding, right? I barely survived two weeks without my smartphone.

10) What's your favorite anime of the last decade?
Honey and Clover

11) What would you do first if you could be President of the Entire World?
Change my title to Supreme Overlord.

Hit by a car

Friday night, we thought my cat, Luna, was raped at first, so we didn't take her to the vet. But she wasn't getting any better and I noticed her toe-nails had grinded down to almost nothing (Monday). So we took her to the vet right away and he sai...

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My horoscope for this week is "People are ready to listen to whatever you've been wanting to tell them." So that can mean people are ready to listen, cuz I'm ready to talk, right?

I'm ready to talk now.

I love theO so much. I always feel like my life comes to a standstill when I'm not active here. This is... was... my emotional refuge.

I've always been able to post about anything I want, when I want. And that was taken away. My freedom was taken away. For over 3 years...

And now I have to choose between theO and the man I love.

It's cuz some of his friends don't like me. I know why too: cuz *she's* in love with him, but he loves me. And *she's* been bullying me, and he didn't do anything about it cuz he's worried that things will get worse.

But things got worse anyway. I'm treated like I didn't exist. People think that *she's* his girlfriend. I'm treated like "the other woman". I have an anxiety attack whenever I even think about going into chat. I can't talk to my friends on theO cuz of all this emotional barrier.

I wasn't like this. What have they done to me?

Why do I have to hide that I love him?

Does *she* really think that getting rid of me would make him fall in love with *her*?

He's always upfront and honest with how he feels and what his opinions are... But why doesn't he say anything when it's about me?

Why am I stuck between *her* delusions and his cowardice?

Are they really his friends if they don't respect his love for me?

What's so wrong about being with me?

I can't choose...

If I stay on theO, I'll be constantly hurt by them. But I don't want to leave.

I don't want to choose...

Grandma is safe

☆⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒ヾ(o◕ω◕ฺ)ノ Whoohoo♫

Dad's talking to grandma right now and she's safe. X3 Apparently she's been trying to call us, but couldn't get through either. ^^; Her nursing home appartment is undamaged. Her bookshelf fell over, but she was in another room when that happened. *phew* She said a few things broke, but it's not a big deal. No glass was broken either.

But there are other appartments with broken glass and stuff. ;_; The nursing home people have to deal with those first, so grandma's appartment will have to wait...

Grandma's also stuck on the 8th floor, cuz the lifts aren't working. The building does have an emergency stairway, but it's on the outside of the building. >.> In the cold. >.> Metal stairway. >.> Slippery when wet. >.> How does anyone expect the elderly to use that? If one old lady falls, they all fall. D8

But grandma has a lot of food in her appartment and the young workers can carry supplies up the stupid stairway. So ish good. X3


I'm talking to her right now and there's an aftershock! (°д°;;))) Grandma's saying she's used to it now. lol She said the actual quake lasted very long and was the worst she'd felt in her life. She's 82 this year. @[email protected]

Apparently a huge chandelier fell in the canteen. There were people stuck on the ground level after the quake and had to take the stairway up to their rooms. (°◇°;)