Yo~!! I decided to change the name of this world for a little change, y'know? Yes, it's named after the awesome theme song of a certain game. It gets crazy in here, y'all. Zack and Angeal! I love them~~ and I'll just keep spreading that love. And Lightning. Yeeeeeeeeah.

Now if only there was one with Zack AND Angeal! That would be so cool, so cool... *Robot Chicken impression* That show is not meant for children.

Enjoy the craziness that will rain down upon you!!!

No, Not Dead (Extra-Life 24hr Challenge!)

Hello one, none or all!

I'm...NOT...dead! It's school season...where profs come to kill even the best of students. I do plan to be back for the SS Icons! It was fun!

Anyway...I'm going to try out NaNoWriMo! Wish me some good ol' fashion luck, for I am a very slow writer.

Next...is anyone planning to do the Extra Life 24-hr charity challenge? Vampyhitsu and I are doing it...or planning to. Looks good for now.


*E3* [Square Enix]

Hey! I would've watched the live stream of E3 they were hosting on GameStop, but I completely forgot about it D:. One year, I hope to go to E3. Anyways, this year there were lots of announcements from three of the biggest gaming com...

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[for the fangirls] DRAMAtical Icons

Hey y'all! BB-chan here (well duh, who else? :P)! It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I thought I would make my first post a gift of sorts! Recently, I've become aware of a download for Dramatical Murder. I'd seen it on MT a l...

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H.Naoto Love!! Acen Weekend!

Yo! Did anyone else go to Acen this past weekend? I hope you had fun. It was a little deflated than the past years, but I still had a blast. No, not dead. I was just busy. Crazy, mad busy. I'm so glad the college semester is over! I ...

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One of the Most Beautiful OSTs in the World

Yo... I haven't posted anything in a while... School's been a real bastard. Anyways, I have a habit of listening to the soundtrack for Journey very often, so I thought I'd share! Everyone should know the beauty of Journey, dan...

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