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EDIT: Winner prizes have been posted and finished. I am no longer accepting prize requests.

Thanks for all the adorable entries for my last challenge! I'm having a hard time deciding the winners due to them being so irresistibly cute!

I would like for y'all to make a card of that contains a male anime/manga character(s) with at least one animal in the picture with him. The character and animal must be interacting in some way. Both the male character and animal must be clearly visible in the card.

Here are some example images of what you could use: | x | x | x | x | x |

Card examples of what I'm looking for: |x|x|x|x|

- Card can be any type/genre.
- If using a quote, please give the source.
- Pokemon do not count.
- Stuffed animals do not count.
- Mythical creatures do not count.
- Silhouettes of an animal in the image will be accepted.
- Any animal species is allowed as long as it's real. Please don't ask me if a giraffe, lion, or cat is allowed. I will not answer you.
- Please try to identify the animal [species] and character in the description.
- Male characters only.
- Yaoi is allowed.
- Female characters should not be visible in the card.
- Cards must be from an anime, manga, or original art source.
- All cards entered are subject to judge's critique and elimination.
- Unlimited Entries
- Oh, and lastly - anyone's allowed to enter!

First Place - Three Card Requests + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Second Place - Two Card Request + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Third Place - One Card Request + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Special Mentions - 1 Avatar/Icon Request [Each]

*In the event of a tie, a gift will be in place of a medal.

Judging Criteria

10% - Content [Visual Materials Used]
20% - Overall Visual Appearance [High Quality, Color Scheme, Layout, Etc]
20% - Technique [How Well You Used The Tools]
20% - Concept/Layout [Card Placement And Crop]
30% - Creativity [Originality And Design]

Special Mentions
Friends! by icebox270534
:Fly: by fma17
blackbird by MFran
TIGER by soldierofthedark
Our Bonds by Asuha612
Like a by Timcanpy14
vicious. by dazeandhope
One day... by SaxGirl
Secret by CloudBerry
Love in Yaoi by sweetdevil

*Critique and scores will be posted later*

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An Adventure! ~Blue Latte
true king. ~Angel Zakuro
Flying High ~
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