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Hey everyone, thanks for the few great entries I received in my last challenge!

This challenge is a bit of a mix between Create A CD Cover - Songs Of Myself and Lyrics in a Card.. I'd like for you to select a character and find at least 5 songs to fit that character. Once you find the songs that fit the character, find an image of the character and select a few lyrics from one of the songs you chose to use in the card. Make sense?

When you submit your entry, please include in the description the song track list (link the songs if possible), and give a brief description as to why you picked those songs for the character and how it fits the character.

Card Examples:
( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 )

Submission Example:
Card: ( x )
Track List:

1.) "Please Don't Leave Me" by PINK
2.) "Come Home" by OneRepublic
3.) "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who
4.) "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls
5.) "If You're Gone" by Matchbox Twenty

"These songs fit Loki because of his complex relationship with his brother and father. He's a misunderstood character wanting for great things. Etc..."

1.) Please cite all sources (quote, image, etc.).
2.) Characters from anime/manga/comics/TV/movies/etc. are allowed.
3.) Your card may include more than one character, but the songs should focus on only one.
4.) I'm not homophobic, so BL/GL is acceptable.
5.) You can exceed the 5 song limit if you'd like.
6.) Card genres may range anywhere from cryptic to inspirational, romantic, etc. The mood of the card entirely depends on you.
7.) Please link your track list if possible.
8.) Description is mandatory.
9.) Unlimited entries.

First Place: One Card + Two Icon Requests
Second Place: One Card Request
Third Place: Two Icon Requests

Special Mentions:
Let the Flames Begin. by BabyD
[ TRIGGER ] by Kami-chan.x3

*Special mentions are able to request one icon!

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