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I know, hit me with a rasengan, I've been gone too long. And I'm aware that there hasn't been too much activity going on here and I feel sad you know? There was a time where it was so crazy around here with so much going on! I don't know what happened, but hopefully everything will go alright. I mean, we're going on with our lives and- woaaaaaaah talking too much here lol. Well anyways, ONTO THE CHALLENGE!

So this challenge will be pretty simple guys:

Dedicate a card to someone here on theO

Easy right? It's simple. Make a card for a friend, someone you admire or look up to, a stranger, a stalker, ANYONE. There are some rules though. ;)

○ Dedicate the card to that someone. An entry will be disqualified if it shows that the card is to everyone.
○ When you don't have to, try and incorporate something your reciever likes in the card. Like, their favorite anime character or lyrics to their favorite song. But I repeat, you don't HAVE to do it.
○ While you're also dedicating it to them, I want you to write ONE memory of you guys here in theO. Say for example how you guys met on here, or a funny incident. But nothing that you don't want anyone else seeing. Just to bring back good memories. This also isn't a must, but it'd be nice to see it. BROWNIE POINTS!! :)
○ No bad words no bad ANYTHING whatsoever lol. come on guys, it's just a simple and fun challenge intended to bring smiles, not tears or frowns.
Uhm, I was just kidding about dedicating a card to your stalker. I strongly think that'll only make the case worse. o.o
○ Be as creative as you want and make sure to have plenty of fun doing it!

1st Place: That nice green medal on your portfolio ;), 3 cards of your choice, and ten gifts.

2nd Place: 2 cards and five gifts :D

3rd place: Either a drawing or a card and half a gift.

○ Everyone is welcome ○

Unlimited entries and yall have three months! Fighing! Have fun guys and any questions or comments just comment or pm me! Love you!! ♥


UPDATE: Congrats on all the winners! I really had a hard time deciding between the winners because of some factors and such great entries! I'm so proud of you guys! As a thank you, all my participants will be sent a cute panda gift lol. I also wanted to do Honorable Mentions! If you are in the Honorable Mentions, please request something or I'll just have to do it the hard way AND FORCE YOU just make you a nice lil card. :)

Honorable Mentions:
Rain - xNotUnderstood
looking for Freedom - yuko9kost
Gentle Lullaby - HelloKatty

Thank you so much for entering! Please don't be upset if you didn't win, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. *transforms into Naruto* Haha, I just got a new idea for a challenge, so wait for it!! Fighting!! :)

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