Indi The Welcome to TheOtaku Contest!

All of us at one time were a brand new member to theOtaku. We were all newbies at one point who somehow found our way to this site. Whether it was for the art, wallpapers, cards or contests hosted here by places like NYAF and FUNimation… We all ended up in this community that many of us cherish. Full of friends, people and events that we’ve enjoyed while we’ve been here.

So the point of this contest is to showcase your friendly spirit towards brand new members and pour that into making a card that welcomes someone new to the site. I want the cards to be on the general side so it can be used for more than new members of theOtaku. After all I’m sure someone new moving into your neighborhood or even into your class at school would enjoy a warm welcome. So try to avoid using phrases that say ‘Welcome to theotau’. Go for ‘Welcome to the community’ or something like that.

Now on to the rules. You can submit something as many times as you like and in any category here at the site. I picked Other Anime And Manga since I had to pick one, but entries for anything will be allowed. Movies, songs, anime, comics… if we have a category for it you can submit it. If we don’t have one yet, you can still submit it.

You all have one month. Good luck!

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Welcome to the club ~xlolfishx
New Winds ~Ritona
Welcome! <3 ~LystikinenaXP
Hi there friend!

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