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Gifts Immortal Queen: Have a very merry Christmas Miss Anonymous: A toy for the little one. :3 Congrats~ Immortal Queen: "Queen's whip" krizomet: Belated Happy Birthday~ Nehszriah: Happy belated birthday! Knowmad: Start a pumpkin patch! :o Happy B-Day! : Happy Birthday! Hope it's lots of fun! TimeChaser: Birthday cat for you. :3 : happy birthday nd happy halloween!!! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH HALLOWEEN and BIRTHDAY!!! :D Kei: Half-ated cukie for birfday. I'z sorreh. Ace: A small cat born on Halloween? OMG. Miss Anonymous: Make good use of this~ Happy b-day! Amestar: Happy Birthday^^ Shishou: Happy birthday! I got on just for you! firefox360: happy birthdaay!!! :D Driffter: Happy Birthday! AnimeArchAngel: Happy birthday Indi! :3 Shishou: You need a panda to be complete. :D Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 : Happy Easter! ^_^ : Happy St. Patrickâs  Day! ^_^ Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty Day =3 Miss Anonymous: Pocky to share with Nathan. Happy V-day~ Shishou: It's sprinkled with wuv. <3 : LOVE BRICK! 8D : Happy Valentines Day! ^_^ : Pocky to go with the Ramen! ^_^ : New Years Ramen for you! ^_^ : New Year Pocky for ya! ^_^ Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:DDD somegirl: And How Does That Make You Feel? O.o somegirl: MERRY CHRITMAS!!!!!!!!! MewMew: merry christmas indi :3 <3 Ace: Ice cream for birthday :D Selene Shri: Happy Birthday! ^_^ Kei: Here's a fetching hat for your birthday. Miss Anonymous: Have some birthday pie~ :3 : Happy Birthday! ^_^ RedJ: Birthday cakes are overrated. : Happy birthday~! You get a birthday pig! bettie: happy birthday indi!! Driffter: Happy Birthday Indi! AnimeArchAngel: Happy Birthday Indi! x3 Sabrina: Happy Birthday! Congrats On Being Older! Dagger IX1: Happy b-day! Support KIRA: Happy Birthday Indi!!! Adam: Today we declare our Indi-pendence Day
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