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*storms in to take control of the Card gallery >:3*
Yup, I finally made something after almost 4 months of absence. Odd thing is that I didn't have the urge to make a card either, during this time o_O However, after seeing Kelsey's challenge, I decided to get off my lazy butt and make one. By the way, I should be studying for the 4 incoming term papers, but who am I not to live my life? :3

What this card does: (hopefully) makes people appreciate their own uniqueness, as well as others'. And while I'm more on the "you're unique, just like everyone else" side of the boat, I still believe there's something unique left in everyone. You just have to dig really deep to find it, since almost everything nowadays seems copied from somewhere else >_>

Now on to the technical rant. I used 3 screenshots from Random Curiosity, the SS resource heaven, which I pasted together and added spiffy color effects to. Honestly, Selective Color and Channel Mixer are the next best thing after vectoring Because, seriously, I used no brushes in this, and no patterns. Everything you see was created with heavy color messing-around, as well as font art.
The famous quote I hadn't heard of until around 1 hour ago.
And if you're wondering about the "xxx" thing, it's something people usually put in icons, if they lack ideas on what to write. Plus, it just looks cool.

And because I'm such a big fan of my own work, here you have some icons based on this card~ Feel free to use them ^_^
Um, comments, hugs and/or favorites and welcome and very appreciated! Thank you in advance! *runs off to listen to music*

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