innocent heart (eCard Portfolio) Beauty of the World.

Beauty of the World.

:) I had so much fun making this card! I experimented with a lot of things, especially the brushes. The artist of this image, Rie, is an amazing artist and I saw this artwork she uploaded today on pixiv and I was like GAH! So yeah, had to make card. xD Two green cards in a row? Oh well, that's my favorite color! :D

I used 5 textures for this card and had about 15 layers in all I used. The textures are all from deviant, so kudos goes to RoseofTwilight, JRMB_Stock, Shioon, TrollKidsStock, and Holly6669666. If you would like to see the specific textures I used, please just tell me^^ I used some spark, branches, flower, and splatter brushes for the ecard. Can't remember where I got them though, be on GIMP forever. And then, added the text! Hope it looks okay, as well as the saying I used. ^_^

Original image Here. Artwork is by Rie / りえ.

Dedicated to Fun-chan! Thank you so much for drawing that picture of Noah for me and also for being such a great friend to me! I realized that I hadn't dedicated anything to you for awhile and I wanted to make you a gift, so I hope you like this. The image reminded me of you in a way^^ I have known you a LONG time on this site. :) Thanks for sticking with me! Keep up the amazing work with your artwork! Stay beautiful sweetie~ *hugs*

Thank you everyone for commenting, faving, etc! Have a sunshine day! :)

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