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"I'll show you mine
if you show me yours first
let's compare scars
I'll tell you whose is worse."

Ohoho, back again! After my photoshop crash like, seven times. Hahahaha, totally not going crazy over here! WHY IS THERE NO BLACK CAT CATEGORY? Y U NO LIKE BLACK CAT OTAKU? Whatever. I'll take what I can get. Say hello to even more songs than I gave Spider-Man!

1. Swing Life Away by Rise Against: If you don't know Black Cat then this song choice probably makes no sense. But I do, so it makes sense. Black Cat was raped which is why she became a villain/part-time hero and that is bound to leave some scars. After awhile she meets Spider-Man and she feels that he's the only man she can trust and he has plenty of scars too so when she opens up she does so in a subtle way. This song is just perfect for Cat <3

2. Rumour has it by Adele: Oho, the feelings Cat had pent up inside when Peter went back to Mary-Jane? She was all "bitch please, I'm gonna make your life hell", which she does, but this song works for her in that aspect! Rumour has it you're with that skank because you weren't good enough for me. Of course Cat still loved Spider-Man underneath but she wasn't going to admit that!

3. A New Way to Bleed (Photek Remix) by Evanescence: More Avengers songs, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it! This is for the several break-ups, Cat and Spidey, and Cat's feelings about it, how she regrets it, how she misses him, and several other feelings.

4. MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday: More Black Cat being pissy at Spider-Man getting back with MJ but this one is more accurate. See, during Spidey's relationship with MJ, Cat tried to break them up a hundred times, but eventually she came to terms with it and stopped. Still she, probably, felt like she wanted to break their relationship (break them down so badly) in every way she could but she was just too close to Spider-Man to try. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I LOVE SPIDER-MAN AND CAT. LOVE EACH OTHER.

5. Down by Blink 182: SAD SONG. I love this song and it's perfect for Cat. The beginning is like her relationship with her boyfriend before he raped her (yeah, her boyfriend raped her. WHAT. A. JERK.) and then the chorus is the effects of it all sinking in, except she's talking about Spider-Man now, not the boyfriend. Then the 2nd verse is sort of like the relationship forming between Cat and Spidey but she can't just push what happened to her away, it was just too painful, so the chorus is sort of representing a PTSD she probably felt. SO SAD. YOU TWO NEED TO LOVE EACH OTHER.

6. Everything you Want by Vertical Horizon: I'm getting so sad writing this it's not even funny. This is after the first break-up between Cat and Spidey, because she's everything he needs but he doesn't seem to care (though he totally does he's just pretending) about her anymore. That's all I have to say.

7. Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars: This is just about Cat this time around, about her criminal tendencies and her want to be a hero. She thinks about it all the time, it haunts her dreams, keeps her up at night, but she thinks it's all a lie she's trying to convince herself is real. That would make a cool music video. SOMEONE MAKE A BLACK CAT MOVIE. SHE'S HOT, AND FURRY!

8. Missing by Flyleaf: More about Black Cat, this time it's about her giving up her powers so Spider-Man can get back his (long story, not going into it now), she feels like she's missing something but, in the end, she's happy she did it.

9. Gravity by Sara Bareilles: I love this song <3. I chose this one for Cat's longing to be with Spider-Man, honestly, there's nothing I can really do to explain it more than that. She doesn't want to love him anymore but she's just hopeless in that sense because it's what her heart wants.

10. Someday by John Legend: Just listen to the song people! It's her assuring herself that she's going to get back to the man she loves someday! What more do I have to write? Nothing. Just perfect Black Cat-Spidey goodness!

Hahaha, there was one more song but I decided against using it. I didn't really like it so much and it was pretty much the same as all the others, Black Cat wanting to be with Spidey of course! <3 I like this card, even though photoshop pooped out on me so I lost the great brushes in the background and had to fudge them. It was one of those brushes that each time you use it it looks different so I couldn't make it work. IT SUCKED. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. Besides, I think the circles work really well.

Dedicated (again) to Mrs. Hiddles.

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