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Alright! I've never done a fanart challenge before, so bear with me here!

The challenge idea is really really simple. The name might give it away, but I doubt it does. So here's the idea:

I want you to draw a fanart of what you think your closest friend/s look like! That's it!

I don't know about you fellow Otakus, but I usually have an idea for the people I talk to most. Rather it's based off their favorite character from a certain anime/manga/video game/etc etc......or rather it's based off a character they remind me of, or their avatar, or even little things I've picked up about their appearance through memes, surveys and things like that.

I think that covers the idea of the challenge, so shall we move onto the rules, hmmm? (Yeah, sadly there must be SOME rules.......)


1. You can do 1 - 3 different entries; each one of a different friend.
2. Can be digital art, traditional art, whatever you want to draw it out of. Even a stick person on a napkin, eh? xD
3. No nudity
4. No rudeness
5. Must give a link to your friend's portfolio (if they're an Otaku)
6. Must explain where you got the idea of their appearance from
7. Signature/water mark your work!!!
8. And the single, most important rule, the rule I hope you all follow VERY CLOSELY: HAVE FUN!!!! ^__^



As Maji De pointed out, I didn't mention how I'll be judging the entries. I've never done fanart before, so I knew I would screw up somewhere! XD

I'll be judging by


Well, this is tough honestly.....there's no need to be extra creative like if you were designing something. Going by the most interesting story of how you got your idea won't work.

I guess I'll choose my favorites, eh? XD


You have one month, so grab those pencils, pens, or whatever you use and get to work!

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