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Neh, Inuyasha
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Inuyasha plopped Kagome down beside him as he settled back against the bark of a tree. It felt like they had been traveling for weeks rather than days and their last battle had put a great strain on the two of them. He crossed his arms behind his head and closed his golden eyes with a sigh enjoying the seemingly rare opportunities they had to rest and relax. Up in the treetops was one of the few places the hanyou felt safe…although he often would listen in on his companion to make sure she didn’t do something stupid like fall off the limb and crash to the ground in her sleep.

Kagome stretched out her legs and reached her arms up with a yawn looking up at the leaves dancing above her whispering in the breeze. She smiled as she turned her eyes onto her companion. He looked so sweet and innocent when he was sleeping…pretty much the only time he looks sweet and innocent she thought with a smirk.

Her eyes caught a movement around Inuyasha’s head. It was light and delicate as it fluttered around her unknowing friend. She couldn’t help but grin as his ears flicked when the small butterfly got too close. It danced around his head a bit more before it settled on the top of his silver hair. She reached towards it and it flew from Inuyasha’s hair onto the tip of her index finger. She giggled as its prickly legs tickled her.

Inuyasha opened his eyes when he heard her laugh. Kagome looked at him, “Neh, Inuyasha,” she said as she pointed her index finger towards the tip of his nose which held a tiny blue butterfly. Inuyasha looked at the butterfly and then looked at her. “Baka, girl,” he muttered as he closed his eyes again.

Kagome smiled as she looked at him shutting his eyes and yawning, his pointed front canines showing as he did so. He was her best friend, her comrade, the person who would do anything to keep her safe, and her first true love. “Baka, inu,” she whispered as the butterfly flew off her finger resting once again on the top of the snoozing hanyou’s head.

First time I've done a short story to go with one of my drawings! Heehee! I've never really written a story before...just art. I'm more nervous about the story then the artwork! lol! It's actually part of a dream I had but the only thing I remember was the "Neh, Inuyasha" part....and for those who've been living under a rock, "baka" is Japanese for stupid, idiot, moron...all that. If you ever watch Inuyasha in Japanese, you hear that word tossed between them a LOT.

This is also the first time I used Painter! I used it to create the BG and that's an awesome program! It only took me, like, 45 mins to make those trees and leaves using the oil brush. Here's a close-up of it: Detail

Inuyasha and Kagome were colored in good ol' Photoshop CS4.

Inuyasha Fan Art
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