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Something different

I saw SomeGirl's challenge and just had to give it a try>w< I had a lot of fun drawing/coloring this! It completely removed all stress and annoyance while making it. I really would love to do more of these! (And so will end up submitting more to your challenge in the next couple of weeks:D )
It was completely different than what I am use to doing.XD I usually only draw realism or anime style art. It was definitely refreshing^^
The picture is in the shape of a heart, sorta an accident. I was drawing it and then said 'hey! it looks like a heart!' so erased all the extra stuff that I added and now it's a heart:D
So, I wanted to take my character, Rakka, and place her in the picture with out her really being there. The yellow paw print, because she is a yellow dog; cookies because loves cookies; rose bush and grass because loves flowers and outside; her name; a heart because she loves:D lol
The rays came out looking like a road. It all went well at the end and came neatly together>w< (nature around path, which path to choose? lol) The purple one looks like the cheshire catO.o
Ok, I'll stop babbling now. -.-

Hope it goes with what you wanted for your challenge^^ I really enjoyed trying your kind of art! (eventhough, it's not even close to how awesome yours are)

thank you so much for viewing/commenting/favoriting! I really appreciate them
******Please do not use without my consent**********

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