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I suck at titles. =| Anywho, it's the best I could do. I'm not very creative so this is pretty amazing for me. Textures just don't fall in my imagination. . . anyways.

Sorry it took so long. Many things happened.

My first draft turned out really. . . boring. I would've submitted it too but my Dad saw it and he wanted it, but I took it from him. That night I had a dream that he died, and I stopped drawing on it. After a couple of days, I started this new one. The black and white version is better in my opinion. Speaking of the black and white version, I never did mention my whole drawing process. Number one, I draw EVERYTHING on looseleaf paper. I can never just draw on regular white paper, comes out horrible. I draw on looseleaf, then retrace it to white paper where I add details and color it. Sadly, this one had so many details on the looseleaf that I had to do a different kind of tracing, so the final copy came out backwards. Thank goodness for technology though, all I had to do was flip it on the computer.

Couple of days ago I hit a dilemma cause I had a new idea I wanted to put in the drawing, but it wouldn't exactly incorporate within the drawing very well. Now it's a separate drawing that's is coming out veeeery well. Stay tuned for that one ;)

So I'm gonna go upload the drafts to the um. . . drafts folder.

Draft 1
Draft 2

I wanted to put hangul from a song in the large ribbon at the bottom, but I'm lazy with the flu at the moment so I didn't do it. Rawr.

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