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My OC Kiyoshi
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This is a drawing of my OC Kiyoshi....I'm gonna submit it again after I color it, but here he is black and white. Hopefully everyone will enjoy!

I dedicate this to my good friend Pocky because she took a bit of interest our OCs! <<3

And here's his profile to go with his picture:

Name: Kiyoshi Michiko
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Avondale
Birthday: December 20
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: None
Weapon: None
Family: Parents and one older brother
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Light Green
Favorite Food: Pizza and wings
Favorite Drink: Beer
Favorite Color: Black and red
Favorite Movie: Hot Fuzz
Favorite TV Show: He doesn't have one
Favorite Band: He listens to everything besides country and rap
Favorite Kind Of Animal: Dogs
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Month: He doesn't have one
Least Favorite Food: Corn
Least Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Least Favorite Color: Pink and green
Least Favorite Movie: He doesn't have one
Least Favorite TV Show: Two And A Half Men
Least Favorite Band: Jonas Brothers
Least Favorite Kind Of Animal: Birds
Least Favorite Season: Summer
Least Favorite Month: He doesn't have one

Appearance: Kiyoshi is of average height and a very skinny build. While being 5'10" tall, he's only a mere 130 lbs. His friends, mainly Natsami, constantly pick on him for being such a stick, but he just ignores her for the most part. His hair, though always seen in a sky blue color, is naturally blonde, but no one besides his parents and brother actually knows the true color of his hair because he's been dying it for so long. His bright green eyes are constantly concealed behind his bangs that he always keeps in his face.

Personality: Kiyoshi is usually a very kind-hearted, mature and generous helpful person who loves to do things to help others out. He cares deeply for his two best friends and his family and would give anything to keep them safe. In most situations he remains calm while Natsami might panic and Masa might consider how to use it to his own advantage. Though he does usually seem to be cheerful, he's far from being an optimist, so he relies on Natsami to keep looking positively on any mess they get in. Occasionally, he can get very mad and irritated with his friends, and other times he can get sad, but he tries his best to stay in high spirits. But no matter what sort of a mood he is in, he ALWAYS acts sarcastic towards his friends and sometimes, if he's unhappy, he can be a bit rude to them, but he always makes sure he never says anything that would really hurt them He loves to tease his friends alot, but never means to hurt feelings, though his friends tease him alot more than he teases them...and sometimes they actually mean to hurt his feelings, but after 12 years of putting up with both of them, he somehow has grown accustomed to the name calling. He's always very responsible besides having dropped out of high school when he was 16, and despite the fact he did drop out, he's actually quite smart and always able to figure out any problems he and his friends might come across in their advetures together. Although he does get very irritated with his friends for either always acting rude towards others, committing crimes or anything that they might do he remains loyal to them, no matter what they do. He's even willing to take the blame for them if it comes down to that to keep them safe and sound.

Background: Kiyoshi comes from a small family of just four people: his mother, Brenda, a very kind and optimistic person who treats Kiyoshi like he's still 5 years-old by giving him kidish nicknames and always looking out for him, his father, Thomas, a very immature and clumzy person who's constantly injuring himself or breaking things due to his carelessness, and an older brother, Alex, who ran away when Kiyoshi was only 10 years old and his brother was 16. No one knows exactly what happened to him, but Kiyoshi constantly wonders about him. He met one of his best friends, Masakazu, or Masa for short, when he saw an abandoned kitty outside of his house in the peaceful little town of Avondale. He took the cat in and made it his pet for a few weeks until one day when he entered his bedroom and saw a stranger standing in his room. It turns out that the kitty he found was actually a neko who was pretending to be a real cat for a while. It took some time of Kiyoshi to adjust to the new person who was constatnly hanging around his house, but sooner or later, they became the best of friends. Kiyoshi was around 7 years old at the time and Masakazu was barely 5. As a human, Masa started taking martial arts lessons and met a young, spunky brunette girl named Natsami there. Those two spent a few weeks together and becamce close friends and then Masa introduced Kiyoshin to Natsami. After a few weeks, they grew to like each other as well, and ever since that day, the three of them have been the best of friends.

Hobbies: Kiyoshi does like to spend his time helping people out, however, his friends are constantly dragging him into some of their reckless and criminal schemes, so he rarely gets time to himself. But when he's with his friends, if they're not causing trouble, he enjoys watching them have a good time, rather they're just running around in the open fields right outside of Avondale or if they're sparring with each other for a good workout. He plays alot of video games with Masakazu when they're hanging out at his house, but he makes time each day to do all of his chores and tasks that he's supposed to. His friends mock him for this, but as stated before; he's use to anything they can say about him. The three of them are in a band just for fun, and he really enjoys playing in it. He's usually willing to do anything his friends want to, as long as they stay out of trouble.

Talents: He feels that the fact he can put up with Masakazu and Natsami for such a long time is a talent in itself, but he has never told his friends exactly that because he doesn't want to hurt his friends, and Masa is especially sensitive at moments. His biggest talent would probably be playing guitar or piano, although Natsami insists she's just as good at guitar as he is, however, she is not. But he doesn't argue with her because he's content to know that she's satisfied to be more talented than he is. He is good at alot of other things, especially racing video games, but none are real major talents.

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