Rein Akira (Fan Art Portfolio) 2009 Rein Akira Waza!

2009 Rein Akira Waza!
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Yup yup, everyone is doing these things so I figured, why not?

January: Kiss Me Pink- I did this for a valentines day contest. The two in the picture are Nakasu and Toshiro, my and Lunastarz's ocs. My favorite part about this picture would definatly have to be Toshiro's eye.

February: Team 7: Freefall- This was a lot of fun to do... the fact that they're all upside-down made the shading a challenge, but it was fun anywho! My favorite part of this one is deffinatly the shading on the clothes that you can better see in the actual picture.

March: Falling into Wonderland- Mayura and Loki from Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. I felt that there wasn't enough fanart for these two so I drew a picture of them like they were from Alice in Wonderland because Mayura makes a refrence to it in the actual show. My favorite part about it is Mayura's hair.

April: Princess Enma- One of my first pictures to be colored on photoshop. I actually put a background on it so it took a while. My favorite part is her dress.

May: With the Fishes- I LOVE this picture so much! XD I did it for a contest (that I won) but it actually turned out to be one of my favorites. It's hard to pick favorites with this one but I'd have to say her eyes.

June: Sakura-chan: My 100th submission and my favorite relistic picture! There are three other Sakura's in the original, but I picked my favorite one for this!

July: S.T.R.I.V.E.- A character from my failed manga S.T.R.I.V.E. -_-'. I did draw out some pages, but I got bored with it, lol... My favorite part about this piture is the green ribbon.

August: Nitro- Inspired by the song 'Nitro' by UVERworld, I drew this for a contest (whicha I won). It took forever because of the background, but it's really good! XD I'm very proud of this picture. I like too much about this picture to pick favorites but my leasy favorite part of this picture is how her skin turned orange, lol.

September: Deadly Beauty- Not actually made in September but I only had two pictures for the month and neither of them were good, lol. Reya is my character for an RP and a comic for a friend. My favorite part is her dress.

October: Lunar Sakura- The first time I spent over three hours on a background. I love everything about this picture, I wouldn't change a thing about it.

November: Fruity- My favorite picture EVER, lol. It makes me so happy looking at how good it turned out eventhough my computer deleted it once so I had to re-do it. I love everything about this picture, but her hair seems to warm my heart more than anything else, lol.

December: Un-Kissable- Ah yes, mo ongoing manga. I declare this is the month of the Un-Kissable! XD I hope you can go check it out! ^.^

So there's my overview of 2009! ^.^ I hope you enjoyed 2009 as much as I have!

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