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Entry to the "My Interpretation" challenge by cloud555strife!!

For my entry, I drew Haxelo (previously known as nica624)!

It was actually hard finding one of my close friends to the end, nica was the only one that I don't know her appearance except for little clues on her world

So a lengthy explanation

Bird: Because she like the character Prussia (from Hetalia) who has that bird around him and calls him "Gil-bird"

Hair Curl: Because she likes Romano (from Hetalia) who has a similar curl in his hair

Hair: Because in her world, she says she has black hair and I know it's long because she draws it long when she draws herself

Eyes: She says she has brown eyes

Shirt Color: Because in a meme she did, she said she had a pink shirt on

Sock Color: In the same meme, she said she had red socks on

Cookie: Because in her world, she said she likes desserts and sweets

Manga: Because she likes reading manga and she likes Hetalia (no I didn't draw that...I pasted an image of the Hetalia front cover onto my drawing ^^)

Chibi: She is a chibi because she mostly draws in that style and also she likes chibis (I TRIED to copy her style but that didn't work out too well)

UK flag pillow: Because she lives in the UK (lucky >_<)

okay so that's it xD

ummm, I hope this looks like you, nica-chan =3

Enjoy ^^

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