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Words Hurt Forever
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First submission of 2011 baby!
Entry for Embracing Our Differences

EDIT:// Thank you for all of your comments. :) It's really interesting how this one picture brought together so many people. Plus I got to see how many people actually relate to this and I get to see how people think as well as people who may have mixed feelings about it. I haven't gotten this many comments in a while, and I really appreciate seeing everyone put their opinions forward. I do ask that if you haven't, please read the whole description. If you don't, I fear that you might take this completely the wrong way or you might not see my view on the issue. I understand that everyone has their own opinions, so I do ask that you look and understand my opinion and I shall do the same for yours, even if you don't do that. I also ask that those who come back to look at it or are seeing it just now, to go back and look at the comments that have been left so far. Understand each other and see what others might have to live with or what has been in the past. It's just a thought. I might help you form, or reform your opinion. Maybe or the best and help you and inspire you to become a better person. That's my dream and I really hope that this picture was able to do that, even if it was just a little. :)

Please read. Hopefully it'll help clarify some things.

Everyone should be treated equally. No one should be treated with disrespect due to their appearance, who they love, or their beliefs. As a ninth grader, I usually hear the words "gay" or "retarded" used in some students’ everyday speech to describe things that they find stupid or below them. I see first hand how far some of my peers will go in order to achieve a "perfect" physical appearance. I hear the word "emo" to describe anyone who wears black clothing or heavy eyeliner. Just because those qualities are different from the norm does not mean that we have the right to use them as slanderous or offensive terms. Some people using these terms might not even realize how hurtful it can be to others because of the way the words are portrayed in the media, in their community, and even at home with their families.
I started off my drawing with the girl holding the sign that says “Retarded”. I gave her big, slanted eyes, a flat nose, and small hands to show that she has Down syndrome. The Band of Angels, an organization that helps those with the condition, inspired the yellow shirt and accessories. The Halo with a Twist is the first international symbol for those with Down syndrome. It represents the beauty and uniqueness of people with Down syndrome as well as the imperfections within all of us.
The second part of my drawing is a gay couple. I am aware that there are many out there who are against same-sex relationships, and this part of my drawing may raise some controversy. The two boys are holding hands and stand close together to show that no matter how hard things will get, they will fight for themselves as well as others that are like them. Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are constantly bullied for who they are. Many refuse to accept them, saying it’s against their beliefs. It surprises me to see how many people believe that being homosexual is a choice. There are people my age who feel shame and fear when they think of how their loved ones will see them if they reveal it. Who would choose a life of hiding yourself from those you love? Even if you don’t approve of them, it isn’t right to insult or discriminate them for who they are. People have the right to love who they want to. It shouldn’t matter what sex they are, how old they are, or what’s in their past. Being LGTB shouldn't have to be a secret. Love is love, and no one should be denied his or her right to it.
The third part of my drawing is a girl holding the sign “Ugly”. In today’s world, you see magazines and other types of media create an image of what is considered beautiful. This image usually consists of being skinny and having make-up, stylish clothing, and expensive accessories. Many young girls to starve themselves or using a large amount of make-up when they don’t need to. People are becoming more obsessed with what they look like on the outside instead of appreciating their own unique quirks and talents. I hear many students laughing and making fun of people who they think are unattractive. The same people, as soon as they don't fit their friends "standards," get talked about behind their backs or become abandoned by the people they trusted. Many girls believe that being skinny is what makes you beautiful. Those who don't fit that criteria may not appreciate themselves even though they really are beautiful people on the inside.
The last part of my drawing is a boy who is holding the sign “Emo.” Emo stands for “emotional” and does not link to cutting or self-harm as the media has made it out to be. I chose this because those who are emo use things such as fashion, art, or poetry to fully express themselves. Some make fun of those who are depressed or those who are hurting themselves and call them “emo.” These people could really be in trouble. Organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms aim to help those who are afraid or hurting because of depression. With self-mutilation and suicide as risks that come with depression, people labeled as emo may just be crying out for help. The emo boy is used to represent the concept that you should never be afraid of who you are, and that being who you are shouldn't feel painful or wrong. Be unafraid. Express the yourself.
The purpose of my drawing was to make people think about how hurtful the things they say can be. Words are powerful; they can both wound and heal. No matter how different we are, we’re still human. No one should be put down because of who they are or what they believe in.


Gosh I don't even live near Florida. xD
Enjoy~ Dedicated to Sayura-chan because I love her :D

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