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My character for the Create a 'Tales of' Character challenge by The Echo Effect. It was a very fun challenge~! I enjoyed going back and looking at all the old designs to the new designs of Tales of characters. I hadn't realized how different a lot of them were...O.o;

I put the category as Original Anime and Manga just because he's not a real Tales of character...XD

Here's his profile/bio thingy:

Name: Vatis
Title: Broken Conductor
Element: Light
Age: 21
Personality: yandere, likes to smile a lot
Background: disagreed with the church and is now an escaped convict
Build: Somewhat slender
Accessories: white gloves
Race: Human
Occupation: Ex-priest/Convict
Weapon Type: Long range
Weapons: Conducting baton that can be turned into a whip, playing cards
Mystic Arte: "Final Sonata" - Aim to wherever your target is and all of his cards will float over them for short moment before they rain like arrows over the victim's head.
Attack: Medium
Magic: High
Agility: High
Defense: Low
Dexterity: High
Luck: Medium
HP: Medium

I didn't put numbers for the stats just 'cause I dunno what is too high or not...I never really paid too much attention to stats in the games...in Tales of Symphonia I always cheated (hehe...'orz) and in Tales of the Abyss all I cared about were the exp. points...>.> And I have no clue what TP means...sooo....nothing for TP...'orz

Also sorry for the short notes that aren't really that well explained...O.o; That's just I how I like to do a lot of my profile stuff, just so I know what it's talking about. He kinda seems like a villain...O.o; He'd probably be more like a mixture of Regal from Tales of Symphonia and Jay from Tales of Legendia...O.o;

I tried a new colouring style...kinda cell-shading ish-ish. I think his face turned out pretty nice with this colouring style.

His concept was the other side of death, or rebirth...Like the rest in peace part or whatever. He's good, but he does dark things. He would have attacks having to do with summoning spirits or something, the good kind of ghosts.

He's an escaped convict, but he doesn't look like one...mostly because he fled to some other country or town or something that didn't like where he came from, so they let him in with opened arms.

It took me FOREVER to decide on his colour scheme because the way I chose the colours if I played around with the hue and saturation all of it looked good...'orz He was original pink and purple because I really didn't want blue, but I settled on a blue-ish white and purple instead. Since white is kinda the colour of rebirth.

I tried to keep with the Tales of style as best I could. Tales of games...just aren't really too much in my style...I don't like corny things and those games are MAJORLY corny...so it was hard to stay on track with that. I've kinda drifted a bit from it, though...But I did try putting all those random details into the design.

Also! I figured out how to use cards too my advantage. If I had known that moving around playing cards was that easy that I would've done so many other pictures with playing cards. I only made them ace of diamonds, though, 'cause I didn't really feel there was a specific need for all the other cards in there and I think he's a ace of diamonds kinda guy.

His name was completely random. I chose to give him cards and a conductor's baton because I wanted something that I felt was missing from games like tales of SYMPONIa...When I played that game I was REALLY hoping for something that had to do with music in there, but now I know that most Tales of games have nothing to do with their names...'orz

You can tell how much fun I had with this because I won't stop talking...XD

I really love this character now! X3 A little bit of work and getting out of the Tales of character could add him to my list of current OCs and put on my chibi sheet (which I need to work on).

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
conductor, oc, tales of, vatis
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