Bluemoon Halo (Fan Art Portfolio) Request 1732333232323119 days late...

Request 1732333232323119 days late...

The title says it all... *cries*
Here's your request Essence chan! Like 134344392484244 year late DX>! But in my defense I did redo it like *counts on fingers* at least four times >_>. And before anyone says any thing I know about the hands DX<! *bangs head on desk* but by the time I noticed it I was like 95% done with the coloring, I was all like
*dramatic scence, throws hands up in despare* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DX!!!! XD.
So I had to stick with it because lets face it, if I had to redo it agian you would have forgoten about the request ;XD. But I think it turned out OKish... And sorry if the coloring is odd, I just started coloring in my coral painter (I kinda forgot about it ;XD) I still do the line art in manga studio's though (better quality...) and yesh I know I got some mistakes on the design (this is what I get for doing the line art with not looking at another picture for designs ...) and sorrry if you can't really see the tattoo's on the faces that well D: (like I said trying to get used to coloring in that program ;___;.)
All that aside I hope you like it XD? And a million sorrys for it taking so long *feels really guilty ;A;*

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
GAME OVER, request, RP
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