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I really wanted to participate in this challenge because both of the main characters for my original series REVOLVER both have major physical flaws despite their super human abilities. With great power comes great sacrifices.

Danny for example is a cyborg, a man who is half human and half machine. He lost both his arms and legs in battle which were replaced with cybernetic parts. Most of his brain and his eyes were also replaced and his spine is reinforced with steel. The countless operations have left him marred by scars from head to mid-thigh. He actually has 20/20 vision but he still wears his glasses out of old habit. It's the only part of his humanity that he still holds on to.

Jay is a CMA (Chimeric Mutation Anomaly), a mutant with superhuman abilities and are mostly distinguished by the mosaicism all over their body. Jay is extremely uncomfortable of her body because the markings are evidence of how different she is from her peers. She tries to hide as much of her skin as possible and refuses wear anything too showy such as a short skirt or bathing suit. She hopes she can be appreciated as a human being rather then a mutant.

They both try to appear as human as possible to the world but it's difficult when their world is full of so much danger and hate. What will become of them? You'll have to find out after pitch ;)

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chibisima, danny, imperfection, jay, revolver
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