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Hello Everyone and I'm back now! XD and here is my new drawing to kick start my comeback! JKJKJKJK

I was going to post this yesterday but my scanner was acting weird, but I fixed it now, so I can can post my stuff again! XD

I had this done a couple of weeks ago, but due to stuff, I didn't feel like scanning it. :/ but I'm over it now.

anywho I finally got to draw my two idiots together! I had been waiting to draw Raimundo and Zen together for a long time and now that is accomplished! XD
my next goal is to draw RaixEmber and EmberxZen and then all three to create my Buzz.Ring.Zap crew. XD

I was really excited about the sketch, and when I started to color this, everything came together on it's own without me thinking about it! XD though that doesn't make sense?
I think this might be my favorite drawing so far mainly cause the background. I feel like it's kind of abstract, and doesn't follow my usual "night" backgrounds.
I also based the background on my workplace. There is this part at the building I work at that kind of looks like the background here, but I added my own touches to it. : )

This is all down with markers that are similar to crayola markers, but better quality and copics for the skin, also used some noir markers for some of this.
took about a couple of weeks to do cause my job got in the way.

Pokemon Fan Art
fancy men, gijinka, pokemon, raichu, Raimundo, toyotami, zebstika, Zen
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