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A Curious Bug
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Hello, everyone.

If there's anything about me that's kind of a rule of thumb, it's that if my brother, CitrusStorm, introduces me to a series, the odds of me becoming a hyper little fangirl over it are pretty good (I can name a bunch of instances of this happening).

So what's the latest? While I'm not crazy about everything with this series, Sam & Max certainly has my attention. Citrus showed me the TV series from 1997/98 and the rest was history. I can't say I'd want to watch/read everything with the video games and comics (I've seen/heard some jokes that I wasn't thrilled about...), but I like the two main characters. They're certainly different from a lot of the characters I've known about.

Anyways, here's Max, poking at a bug. I decided to not have his mouth in the "default" position (that is, showing his serrated teeth), as there are some moments in the comics and TV series where his mouth is, surprisingly, closed. I think he looks kind of endearing during those moments XD

This is my first submission of a picture digital "painting" created entirely on my 3DS in the program Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone. I tried using some of the techniques I've learned from the first two lessons (I haven't really gotten that far in them, admittedly ^_^U) and, aside from the shadows/ing, I'm somewhat pleased with how it turned out.

And any and all references for this picture were from the many times I've seen Max; this was pretty much done from memory.

With all that said, enjoy! Dedicated to CitrusStorm for introducing me to this series XD

Sam & Max Fan Art
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