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Requested by IceKnight. I hope you like it! Pardon the fact that it was cut off a bit. I used some really big paper. I liked it before it got scanned a bit better(yeah theOtaku and JPEG tend to mess with it a bit)Im OKAY with the end result. Im not (that)proud of it(because I over-editted it in some places and it shows). Some people have told that I draw for myself and it shouldnt bother me if it doesnt turn out perfect. But thats why it bothers me. Maybe its because my skecthes make me too proud. Well I know I have to get better at the phases and steps in artwork before I get it right. So Ill just keep trying anyways. Besides its fun to do even if the end result sux sometimes. Which is kinda sad cuz I used a minor reference(again). Oh well...... Not only have I finished Ice Knight's request but JD person's request. Ill submit tomorrow. Wow Im getting alot of requests lately. (2 at a time is the most Ive ever gotten. lol.) My hands are sore and Im pretty tired(its about 11;48 right now) but Im in a good mood. Especially I had the time you change my theme today. Check it out, if you have the free time and havent visitted me yet. There's minimal chance Ill sign your GB and theres even smaller chance that Ill sing polka with you at happy hour but stay chipper, Otaku! And have a good summer! Thanx 2 those of u who voted and commented on my Misa drawing! It got featured for about 15 minutes or so! I even had mom take a picture. lol. Me and my dorkiness. XD Comments? Votes? Faves? Requests? Materials used: Prisma Color pencils Crayola color pencils Papermate inking pen regular pencil(DUH!) Time spent: 2 or 3 days(sketching) 20 minutes(inking) 40 minutes(coloring) P.S. It took me 2 or 3 days techincally because the time I started on it it was really late at night. I finished most of it then but I gave it up for a little while. And becuz time has gone so fast recently I cant really keep up with things so I made an estimate like I usually do with the times and stuff. Spreading the infection. Homsar88.

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