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    Let's start off with something mundane: what's your favorite color?

    Maybe yellow...
    Dark, royal blue.
    Bright orange!
    Deep purple.

    Please pick a couple of words to describe yourself.

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)

    What's your opinion on card games?

    I love them! They're so much fun!
    I don't really care... but I like watching my friends play them.
    I have to be the very best, all the time!
    I like watching my opponents lose...
    I'm gonna work really hard, and become a real duelist!
    Are you kidding? I'm the king of games!
    I just play them so I can send people to the Shadow Realm.

    If you could have a super-power, what would it be?

    The ability to walk through walls.
    I'd want to be able to heal people.
    Super strength!
    I'd create amazing technologies that would give me super powers!
    Time travel.
    Mind control.
    Um, I guess it would be fun to fly...

    Let's say some guy punches you in the face. How do you react?

    Punch him back!
    I'd scream, then call the cops!
    I'd sue his butt to kingdom come!
    I'd add him to my collection of souls...
    I'd probably just let it go...
    I would torture him slowly...
    I'd let him know he's wrong, then punish him.

    Okay, now this time, the guy punches your friend in the face.

    ...so what? Friends are a liability.
    I will never forgive him! He will be punished most severely!
    I'd say my "friend" had it coming. He was weak to let himself get hurt like that.
    No way! I'd take the punch myself to protect my friends!
    BWAHAHAHAHA!! Hilarious!
    Jerk! I'd kick him in the nuts! (then call the cops).

    What kind of strategy do you use in a duel?

    Um... I'd probably just summon cute things...
    I weaken my opponent's deck, then crush them with strong monsters!
    I usually just wing it, and take whatever luck sends my way!
    I use occult cards that rely on my Graveyard and dead monsters.
    I use a balance of magic and monster cards to use my deck to its full potential.
    I like to deal slow, painful damage to my opponents directly.
    I use cards that are weak on their own, but can work together to become strong!

    What would your dream job be?

    A dancer!
    Uh... professional food-taster?
    Torture artist. :D
    C.E.O. of the world.
    Professional duelist!
    A spy...
    The president.

    Which Egyptian god/goddess is your favorite?

    I like Thoth, the god of knowledge.
    Hmm, I guess... Hathor, the goddess of love and joy.
    Nun, the waters of chaos and darkness.
    Horus, the protector of the Pharaoh.
    Ra, the sun god. Duh.
    Nyeh? Uh, I can't really think of any...
    Enough of this ancient Egyptian crap!

    How do you feel, knowing that this quiz is over?

    Aww, it was fun.
    Finally. It was boring.
    Well, it was a little boring... not much action.
    I just wasted five minutes of my very-important life.
    I wanna see how I did!
    I don't know. It was alright, I suppose.
    This quiz was awful! I shall have my revenge upon you!

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