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Here's another challenge by MEEEE *waves crazily* that will probably receive little entries. That's alright though. I'm making this to feed my obsession.

ALRIGHT. It's simple. I just want you to make a wallpaper, or some wallpapers of a character from Kingdom Hearts that resembles you the most personality wise OR you can make a wallpaper of a character from Kingdom Hearts that reminds you of one of your friends. Like I said, feeding an obsession. I don't see hardly any Kingdom Heart wallpapers besides those made by two very VERY talented users so I wanna see more! >:O

To everyone I sent invites out to:
You don't have to feel obligated to enter the challenge just because I invited you. :)
And if you're unfamiliar with the series/characters, then you don't have to enter. No worries there. Or you can just talk to someone, or go to the Kingdom Hearts wiki and read up on the characters. :)


1. Must be an original Kingdom Hearts character. So what if you're like Cloud, or Yuffie, or Donald Duck, or someone from The World Ends With You? I don't really care, this is Kingdom Hearts. Only Kingdom Heart characters. Organization XIII, Hayner, Sora, Riku, Kairi, etc etc.

2. Must be of good quality. Not to sound like a b*tch but it's very irritating to see art of low quality. Scans like this are NOT allowed. You can browse theO for walls/card if you need an idea of what is allowed. Shouldn't be hard to tell though, lol.

3. Effort please. I don't want to see a scan cropped off with some text slapped on to it and have it labeled as a wall. Use effects, brushes, textures, change the colors, whatever. Just don't think a scan with nothing but text added to it is a wall, lol.

4. Explain why you chose the character in your wall. It doesn't have to be a long description, just some similarities in you/your friend in that character.

5. Unlimited entries. KEEP THEM COMING


The reason this is called "INNER Kingdom Hearts" is because my sisters and I used to refer to characters we resemble the most personality-wise as "inner characters", Likewise, we call characters we resemble the most physically "outer characters". ;P


Don't base this off who you're most like physically, lololol. Just personality. AND, if there's more than one character you resemble, go ahead and make a wall of more than one character. Same goes for friends - if your friend reminds you of more than one character, go ahead and make a wall of more than one for each friend. :)

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