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Wow I remember a time when the challenge sections used to be booming with challenges. Especially the wallpaper section, the whole page used to be full of active challenges. The point is I’ve wanted to host/create a challenge for awhile. And this is what I have in store; turning an AMV into a wallpaper. Allow me to explain.

The concept of this challenge will be to take an AMV that you like and make it into a wallpaper; whether you use screenshots you take from the AMV and incorporate them as part of your creation or use lyrics from the song that the AMV is set to. How you create your AMV based wallpaper will be up to you. I just want this challenge to be well, a challenge. I even made a wallpaper to illustrate as an example.

Here is the wallpaper I made. I made a wallpaper based on one of my favorite Sailor Moon AMVs. I incorporated screenshots from the AMV itself and tried to replicate the mood of the original AMV. That is what your task will be in this challenge. But before you make your wallpapers, I must explain the rules.

The Rules
1. Quality Submissions Only Please; Please put some effort into your wallpapers. Don’t just take a scan or screen shot and resize it to a wallpaper resolution. If I see an entry like this, it will be disqualified. Have fun and be creative with your wallpapers.

2. LINK ALL YOUR SOURCES! Or at least the scan or renders you used. And it must be a highlighted link that I can click on that will take me to the images/sources you used. Just like this. For those of you who don’t know how to create a link, Highlight a word and in the post body box, click on the little world with a paperclip, and then copy and paste your link in the URL box. If your sources or at least the main scan/render aren’t linked, your entry will be disqualified!

3. Link the AMV you used as your inspiration as well. I’m curious to see which AMV inspired you.

4. Type “The Red Green Show” in the tags, just to show me you’ve actually read the rules. If you don’t have this tag, your entry will be disqualified.

5. No explicit material or anything like that please. Keep it PG-13 and please follow theOtaku guidelines regarding submissions.

6. Last but not least, HAVE FUN please. And I can’t wait to see what entries you are all going to create.

7. Limit is Two submissions per person. But only one of them will win. :)

This challenge will last for a duration of 2 months. And now for the SWAG, the prizes!

First Place winner will receive one card of whatever they want and two wallpapers plus a gift.
Second Place will receive a card and one wallpaper of whatever they want and a gift.
Third place will receive one wallpaper of anything they request and one gift.
I anxiously await your entries~! Go watch an AMV and make a wallpaper! You have all be given your task (just kidding. ;) Go forth and CREATE!

UPDATE: I would like to add that when this challenge is completed, every entry will be featured in a video slideshow and I'll upload it to Youtube. How does that sound?.

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