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Please view by 1920x1200^^

Well I haven't made a wallpaper since...June? Lol. I was in the mood to make one cine it has been forever. I would like to make a card soon but first I need to find a good image^^;

This artwork is by the amazing Namamo Nanase. Amazing artist. If you would like to see more of their images, I can certainly send you a link^^ I have recently been going to a very popular art site, similar to deviant but Japanese/Korean artists post most of their artwork on their. A few of my favorite artists on there are Sayori, Nardack, Boya, etc. Beautiful artwork! So go to and take a look at the images. :) Oh but the site is in Japanese, so make sure you have your translator on! XD

Anyway, this wallpaper didn't take me very long to make. Two hours at the most. I already thought the image was beautiful enough to do too much to it and also the artist already put a texture over Remilia's wings. However, I did add about 4 different textures and some light/flower brushes^^ I really wanted the sunset behind her to really come out more, since it was a bit dark in the image before. So I hope I achieved that^^;;

I got the brushes and textures from Deviant, but I don't remember the owners^^; I am sorry. So props go to them! XD

I hope you all like this wallpaper! I had a lot of fun making it^^ Thank you so much for viewing it, commenting it, hugging, etc. :) Take care! Also no dedication this time. I just dedicate it to all my friends on here. :)

Wallpaper by Innocent Heart; Me(^_^)
Artwork by Namamo Nanase
Character is Remilia Scarlet from Touhou
Textues and Brushes from Deviant; respective owners

Touhou Project Wallpapers
flower, moon, remilia, scenic, sunset, tohou, vampire, wings
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