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Sexy Megane. <3
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I mean, seriously? Could he get any sexier or cuter in this image? *huggles* Gah I love him. x3 Lightning is a lucky, lucky girl. But still, even though I wish Hope was a real person(because I would seriously kidnap him), this is one of my favorite couples. :3 LightningxHope forever!

*coughs* Anyway, had a lot of fun making this wallpaper! :D When I saw this image, I practically flipped out of my chair, so I'm completely in love with this image. So I wanted to make a wallpaper out of it! XD The dimensions were a bit smaller to make the standard size 1600 by 1200, so I increased the image size just a little and then of course added the textures. There are about 4 of them I believe, and yes, all from Deviant. By Ikportfolio, Ersi, and thepuzzleteam. If you want to see the specific texture, please just tell me. :) Oh! And I added some splatter brushes as well on the background. XD

Artwork is by Karuha on pixiv. Original Image Here. And of course the characters are Hope Estheim and Lightning, from FF13, the newest sexiest game from Square Enix. :D

Dedicated to twilight tiger, because you're a very good friend and you made that very cute Kobato wallpaper for me! :D Thank you so much again! I hope you like this wallpaper! *hugs*

Thank you for viewing, hugging, faving, commenting, etc! Have a great day! :D

Final Fantasy XIII Wallpapers
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