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FINALLY! My wallie for this challenge is completed! I never thought I'd finish it in time for the deadline, so I'm quite relieved that I did. I spent nearly three weeks making this. I didn't expect to take so much time to finish it, but I just couldn't find the to be honest.

I didn't want too much stuff going on, so I decided to stick with a single bokeh texture. I tried all different colors and styles of bokeh until I finally found one that I thought went perfect with the overall scheme. I also played with the color balance and contrast a bit too.

The text...oh gawd the text. It took find the perfect quote and typography that I thought best suited this piece. I decided to use an Abel quote in the end. The hardest part, I think personally, was deciding what text to use, how to place it, the colors, etc...

I guess that's all I have to say for now. I hope everyone, including the challenge host (Smoking Crimson), enjoys my submission; all hugs/faves/comments will be greatly appreciated (as always *chuckles*). Many thanks to you all for your support ~X<3

With Love Forever and Always:



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