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Ichigo Images One Two Three
Pattern from here~
(Lost Link to Brushes, I've had them for along time.)
Made in Photoshop CS5

Yesterday or rather last night I was up a little late and I made this wallpaper featuring Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew. To be honest I've never watched the anime but I have read the manga and liked it. I have all 9 volume of it.

Anyway I have always liked this wallpaper of Ichigo. I don't know who made it. But I remember I found it on a site called AnimeWallpapers.com or something. I don't know if the site still exists. But I thought I'd try to make a wallpaper in a similar style. And that is what I attempted to do but I added my own flairs too.

How I made this wallpaper was an interesting process. I started off with a blank document (like I always do for anything I make) and started with a pink and white gradient; then using the filters in Photoshop, I changed it into "clouds". From there I added my custom textures, then a pattern and a few images of Ichigo which I blended with the background like in the original.

But here's where they differentiate, the textures I used were different, and the brushes I used were different as well. Plus I did my best to make the most of the space as well. This is where I added a few brushes for some flair and on the off hand chance it would work, it did and also I used the render differently as well. A few more differences I'd like to point out is mine has no text, and fun swirly stars. And I signed mine at the bottom like I always do.
Also there's a lot of pink here. Which is fun~

I learned some new ways on what I could actually do with my wallpapers when I made this. And I had a lot of fun making it too.

Overall this took about an hour to 2 hours to make.

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedicated to Lileeboo.
I dedicate this one to you in the hopes of cheering you up. And letting you know you have real friends here. *hugs* Love you my dear friend. You are special and amazing, and anyone who doesn't see that is a dummy. Hope you like it. *hugs*

Tokyo Mew Mew Wallpapers
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