Rainbow Dragon (Wallpaper Portfolio) Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities
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Original Sora is Original

Texture | bokeh | another texture

Song: Endless Possibilities ~ Jaret Reddick

Oh yeah it was PHOTOshoppeds


Wow two wallpapers in one day, wow it is a record. Well for me it kind of is given I haven't made anything besides a few draws on my ipad.

Anyway I wanted to make a wallpaper with this particular Final Form Sora image for quite awhile. Just never got around to it, well until now. So yeah. This one took me awhile to make.

The reason this took me awhile to make is finding right textures, positioning/adjusting text, extracting Sora, making a background or well blending images into a background more like. So yeah. This took awhile to do as most 'shops do. But I like final form Sora so I made it all work. And I took the photo I used as my background too.

The lyrics are from this song from Sonic Unleashed. Before you ask, no I hasn't played the game, I just really like the song so I used the lyrics in my wallpaper, figured the lyrics would fit with my theme. It is just a song that has come to mean alot to me. First heard it here. Been obsessed with this song ever since. Enough said.

Well enjoy another wallpaper everybody.no I haven't played KH: 2.8 yet. I really want to tho. Someday soon....i hope...don't has a PS4 T.T

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